Adoptees Crossing Lines

Activism & Origin Story: Erica Babino

June 09, 2023 Dr. Noelle, Lia Season 2 Episode 1
Adoptees Crossing Lines
Activism & Origin Story: Erica Babino
Show Notes

Activism For Adoptees With Erica Babino

What’s it like to be an activist for adoptees? What’s the story of someone who is an adoptees activist? How would you feel if you discovered that your bio mom lives on your street, after you’ve been searching for her for 25 years? 

This week, we speak to Erica Babino a Black same race adoptee who is a former American Adoption Congress Board Member. We discuss if it’s possible to ever separate your identity from being adopted, adoption myths, and how to normalize anti-adoption.  

What We Discussed

(00:31) An adoptees’ rights activist, Erica Babino

(01:08) Her origin story OR 25 years of searching 

(04:04) Do you ever stop feeling adopted?

(06:36) The moment she met her bio mom OR First bio meeting = no tears, no hugs?

(09:32) Do good adoption families also cause trauma? 

(13:12) Most important thing adoptive parents must do 

(14:43) Experience as an American Adoption Congress board member

(19:01) Right to a birth certificate 

(21:18) How to be an adoptees activist

(24:10) Going through reunion OR Can’t prepare for reunion 

(26:30) Best advice for birth families 



Adoptees United 

American Adoption Congress 

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